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Looking at open source projects and communities and how they are shaping the future of software.

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Ask more questions

Saron Yitbarek explores examples of technical projects in education, health, and grassroots political activism that moved too fast.

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Sharing America's code

Alvand Salehi walks through some of the government’s open source projects available on the newly launched

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Lausanne Ouchy Skulptur.

Why choose open infrastructure?

Source code management, CI pipelines, and IaaS have open alternatives, but most projects are developed on proprietary infrastructure. Christopher Aedo explains how to make open choices.

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Step 1: Punch a tree

How Evan Booth's adventures in real-world transmogrification have shaped his perspective on open source hardware, manufacturing, and finding potential in the unremarkable.

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Open source in Brazil

Exploring the many trends in business, education, and government that have contributed to the current state of open source activity in Brazil.

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How you got here

Open licenses have served us well for more than two decades, but Cory Doctorow says they need help if we’re going to survive the era in which computers invade our structures and our bodies.

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The Daya Bay Antineutrino Detector

Brilliant pebbles

Mark Shuttleworth says your next million is more likely to come from an afternoon tinkering on your laptop and a tiny PC than beating your neighbor to web scale on the cloud.

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Sustainability in open source

We've seen that collaborative development creates and innovates at speed and scale. How will we ensure that the open source communities that created these opportunities continue to grow?

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Douglas Fairbanks speaking in New York City.

2016 O'Reilly Open Source Awards

The O’Reilly Open Source Awards recognize individual contributors who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity, and collaboration in the development of open source software.

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Hacking OSCON on the Expo Hall Plus pass

In addition to exploring the largest collection of open source projects up close and in-person, access the hallway track and attend special programs, which can lead to long-lasting relationships and other prospects.