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Insights, tools, and best practices to keep your organization and users secure.

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Heart in Throat X-Ray.

My heart depends on your code

Marie Moe shares her experience with being the host of a vulnerable medical implant, and why she started a hacking project to investigate the security of her own critical infrastructure.

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"Ships Running Aground in a Storm," Ludolf Bakhuizen, 1690s.

Security and feudalism: Own or be pwned

Cory Doctorow says the Electronic Frontier Foundation is fighting for a future where our devices can be configured to do our bidding and where security researchers are always free to tell us what they’ve learned.

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Once upon a future

Heather Adkins explores various events in security history to show how we need to alter our course to change the future.

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Cyber technology.

A vision for future cybersecurity

Rebecca Bace explains what we need to do to consolidate our efforts in cybersecurity so that we can instigate a new generation of techniques and applications.

Old scale

The economics of security

Five questions for Fernando Montenegro: Insights on how to apply economic theory to solve security challenges and improve an organization’s overall security posture.

Fishing lure

Meeting the ransomware challenge

5 Questions for Timothy Gallo and Allan Liska: Insights on common ransomware delivery methods and how to find balance between minimizing attack risks and maximizing productivity.


Patrolling the dark net

Learn about the surprising origin of the dark net, and find out how you can patrol this not-so-secret domain to detect and thwart intruders.