Ideas | Software Architecture

Observations on the changing discipline of software architecture.

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The Magic Lantern Theatre.

An introduction to serverless

Mike Roberts introduces the concepts behind serverless architectures, explains how serverless breaks from the past, and provides reasons why it's worthy of some of the hype it’s currently receiving.

Skyline and trendlines

Evolving architectures of FinTech

Learn how new FinTech architectures and startups are creating novel types of business models in Africa and Asia, where there are far fewer traditional banks, and in Europe and the US, where financial institutions generally avoid the market for small business loans.

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Theatre scene: Two women making a call on a witch.

Conversational commerce

When a conversational style of user interface is coupled with ubiquitous instant messaging, new opportunities emerge for companies to interact with their customers.


Optimize for desirable results

Whether it's a complex traffic network or a complex architecture, identifying the right goal, finding the right principles to focus on and optimizing your system design will give you the best chance of success.