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The Magic Lantern Theatre.

An introduction to serverless

Mike Roberts introduces the concepts behind serverless architectures, explains how serverless breaks from the past, and provides reasons why it's worthy of some of the hype it’s currently receiving.

Street Scene in Sao Paulo - Brazil 01

Open source in Brazil

Exploring the many trends in business, education, and government that have contributed to the current state of open source activity in Brazil.


How you got here

Open licenses have served us well for more than two decades, but Cory Doctorow says they need help if we’re going to survive the era in which computers invade our structures and our bodies.

The Daya Bay Antineutrino Detector

Brilliant pebbles

Mark Shuttleworth says your next million is more likely to come from an afternoon tinkering on your laptop and a tiny PC than beating your neighbor to web scale on the cloud.

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Real-World Maintainable Software

Abraham Marín-Pérez explains how 10 coding guidelines can work in a real-life environment, considering the typical issues, together with the hidden traps that programmers can fall into when trying to apply them.