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Piping engineering

Shrinking growth, growing maintenance

As the core group of people needed to create and maintain a technology shrinks, will polarization occur in a job market accustomed to stratification? Simon St. Laurent explores a future where programming will become like plumbing.

Meteor orbits traced over centuries.

The Web at OSCON

From front end to server side to performance and more, web developers will find plenty to explore at OSCON in Austin, Texas.

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Hercules aircraft airdrops pallets of supplies.

The Seif project

Douglas Crockford introduces Seif, an open source project started at PayPal with the goal of transitioning the Web into an application delivery system.

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President Theodore Roosevelt Speaking at Oakland, California.

A speaker's notes

"It's time that I sit down and listen to you." Kyle Simpson is stepping back so that new and different voices can come forward. Here he offers observations and encouragement from seven years of conference talks.

Colorful light waves

Upgrading to PHP 7

This short guide covers the major changes in PHP 7, including a revamped engine, a bunch of new features, and a lot of language cleanup.

Workers on beams

Designing great Web APIs

Organizations can no longer bolt on an API and force developers to use it. Entire markets are emerging where APIs compete for the attention of developers.