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It’s awesome. Seriously, you guys present great content on a regular basis. I’d have to spend hours combing the net and filtering junk to get half of what you guys present us every week.
— Armando Reis, Sysadmin at
It is a well-edited e-newsletter, which is not common. It’s a short enough digest for me to read it every time, and usually 90% of the content is interesting to me as an operational DBA interested in DevOps and monitoring/measurement. It’s also visually appealing.
— Valerie Parham-Thompson, Open Source DBA
Informative, cutting edge and has a finger on the pulse of webops.
— Bearnard, Lead Ops Engineer,
This is a high quality newsletter sent out at an appropriate frequency with really compelling and interesting content.
— Matthew, QA & Support Engineer
The newsletter leads me to incredible resources I’ve been able to research further and to confirm trends and changes I pick up from other sources.
— Robert Ortega, Technical Analyst
I trust the source more than anything.
— Spencer Tuttle System Engineer
Overall a really solid newsletter. Seriously, solid piece of work. A lot of indispensable information that’s put together in a way that’s easy to digest.
— Brandon Holtsclaw, DevOps Hero
Very informative of trends and real experiences in the web ops space.
— Steve Miller-Jones Director of Product Management at Limelight Networks
It has great things to share with my entire team to keep us all constantly learning new and better techniques!
— Jason Vaughan, SRE