Free Hardware and IoT Ebooks

Creating great hardware and IoT products requires cutting-edge insight on design, engineering, logistics, marketing, and management. These free ebooks compile knowledge from the experts who write our books and speak at the Solid conference.

Framing the IoT and the New Hardware Movement

Ambient Computing Governing the IoT Opportunities and Challenges in the IoT Building a Hardware Business When Hardware Meets Software Software Above the Level of a Single Device: The Implications Software & Hardware Collide

Design & UX

Pitching Your IoT Project: How to Get Executive Buy-In User Experience Design for the Internet of Things The Internet as Material Designing for the Internet of Things

Industrial IoT/Manufacturing

Ambient Computing Smart Energy Smart Cities, Smarter Citizens Evolving Infrastructures of the Industrial IoT Life: Sustainable, Programmable, Bottom-Up Manufacturing Predictive Maintenance Industrial Internet