Augmented Reality for the Industrial Enterprise

A Hands-On Introduction to Rapid AR Development

Augmented Reality for the Industrial Enterprise

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Augmented reality (AR) was already making gains in business and industry by the time Pokémon GO came along. But now that the game has firmly planted in the public (and corporate) mind what AR is and how it works, use of this technology is poised to take off in the enterprise.

With this in-depth report, you’ll explore ways that AR can help organizations gain unique insight into many different processes, from manufacturing, assembly, and construction to real estate and education. Author Leah Hunter not only explains AR’s possibilities, but also describes many use cases that demonstrate how companies are using AR now. You’ll learn how these projects provide significant time and cost savings, while expanding the skills of employees.

  • Look at a business justification for AR through a detailed case study
  • Understand why AR is a key tool for digitally transferring the knowledge of skilled workers and for gaining cross-domain skills
  • Learn about the technologists who are exploring, refining, and creating different ways of using, building, and piloting AR programs
  • Create AR content hands-on with a tutorial from ThingWorx Studio for Enterprise
  • Examine strategies for AR growth and learn how to cash in financially and ethically from AR over the next 5 years

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