Get the development community onboard faster—and easier

You know your new product is a game changer, but not enough developers do. (Yet.) Let’s fix that. With O’Reilly, now you can create branded interactive learning experiences to quickly guide developers through what your product can do. So they get a hands-on understanding of it in a more engaging way, which increases adoption. Fast.

Let’s make it easier for developers to start engaging with your product

Provide production-ready skills

The best way to learn a new product isn’t reading about it—it’s using it. Now developers can easily get hands-on experience with your technology in self-contained live dev environments through their browser. Whether it’s hosted on your website or portal or even during a live training session.

Give developers instant access

It only takes four lines of code to install your interactive scenarios on any site or portal, making your product accessible through any browser. So developers don’t have to do any setup or configuration to quickly begin experimenting with it. There’s no barrier to entry.

Guide them through your tech’s advantages

Don’t just throw them in the deep end. We can help create guided step-by-step scenarios that highlight your product differentiators. So developers understand how to solve real-world problems faster with your tech, and see the results in action.

Create a branded learning portal

New scenarios are easily created using a Git repo. We can build them for you, or you can build your own and develop an entire library to show off what your product can do. So the dev community has an array of scenarios they can always refer back to for guidance.

Real-time reporting

Get details about how the dev community is engaging with your interactive scenarios, including live or active session details, usage by day, and usage over time. So you can see which scenarios are working best and optimize.