Breathe new excitement into your virtual events

Slides just became a thing of the past. Because with O’Reilly, now you can guide your live audience through a technology in controlled real-world environments in real time, so they interact with it and gain hands-on experience throughout the session. You can even host an interactive live coding event to get more people hands-on and actively involved.

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Better audience engagement

With O’Reilly, you can embed complex preconfigured environments into any web page or portal. So attendees can be taken on a tour of a technology while interacting with it in a live dev environment.

We’ll build it for you

Creating more engaging virtual sessions doesn’t have to mean more work. Because our team will do the heavy lifting for you and get your interactive sessions up and running fast.

Faster setup

There’s no environment or setup configuration needed, so you save precious hours at the start of any virtual training, workshop, or event presentation. Want to reuse a scenario for a future event? Just refresh your browser.

Benefits that outlive the event

Just take the interactive scenarios developed for your virtual event and gate them on your website to use for ongoing lead generation. You can also host them on (2.5M+ members) and (400K+ unique monthly visitors) for even more reach.

Smart user metrics

See how attendees engaged with your scenarios after your talk or training session so you can make adjustments to further improve future events.