Upskill and onboard your teams faster—and easier

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a safe dev environment to explore a technology and develop production-ready skills before your team has to put it to work? With O’Reilly, there is. Now you can embed live dev environments into an internal training portal that your team members can access on their own. So they can get a hands-on understanding of the tools and tech they’ll need to know before they have to put them to work on real-world problems.

Give your teams self-serve hands-on training

Let’s make it easier for your teams to get real experience with today’s technologies

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Provide production-ready skills

The best way to learn a new technology isn’t reading about it or watching someone else use it—it’s using it yourself. Now your teams can easily get hands-on experience with the critical technology they need in self-contained live dev environments through their browser. So there’s nothing to set up or configure.

Give your teams instant access

Scenarios spin up a new preconfigured environment in a matter of seconds for each user. So it’s easy for any team member to engage in a guided hands-on lesson whenever they need it. And restarting a scenario to quickly innovate and test new solutions to hard problems is as simple as refreshing their browser.

Guide your teams through onboarding or upskilling

Don’t just throw new team members in the deep end. Instead, give them step-by-step scenarios that guide them through the real-world use cases they’ll soon encounter. It’s a great way to curb productivity loss and enable new team members to get up to speed faster.

Create your own learning portal

New scenarios are easily created using a Git repo. We can build them for you, or you can build your own to develop an entire library of internal training content. It’s a smart way to ensure your teams learn how to configure or deploy a new technology, and have an array of content they can reference to successfully navigate today’s constantly changing tech landscape.

On our servers or on yours

Many organizations choose to host their scenarios with O’Reilly. But for customers in highly regulated industries, we offer on-premises solutions too. So your teams can safely access your interactive learning content from behind your own firewalls without sacrificing strict security protocols.