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Becoming an Effective Manager

Time to complete: 3h 6m

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CreatedJune 2018

An enterprise requires good management—on all levels—to be successful, so it’s no surprise that skilled managers are a highly valued, sought-after asset in any business. A solid manager possesses a range of skills, including influencing, delegating, and managing people. If you are a new manager or are on track to become one, you will need to acquire and hone these and other skills.

In this learning path, you will learn how to add the abilities that you will need and rely on daily in a leadership role. To begin, you’ll examine the critical first 10 days in your management position, which includes adopting a new managerial mindset. You’ll explore some common pitfalls and problems that you’ll want to avoid as you settle into your new responsibilities. This learning path will also teach you how to effectively delegate tasks to make the best use of your team’s assets. Assimilating these skills will test your own personal abilities to think beyond the immediate goal or problem to come up with solutions and initiatives. But when you’ve made them a part of your personal toolkit, you will set your career path in a new and exciting direction toward enterprise leadership.

What you’ll learn—and how you can apply it

  • Hone your daily skills as a leader to get the most from your team
  • Learn about pitfalls and successes to apply to your own situation
  • Delegate not just the mundane tasks, but assignments that will grow your team

This learning path is for you because…

  • You want to be not just a manager, but a leader
  • You need to develop your personal skills as a manager

Prerequisites: None

Materials or downloads needed in advance: None