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Learning Path: Essential Machine Learning and Pragmatic AI, 1/e



This Learning Path includes Essential Machine Learning and AI with Python and Jupyter Notebook, and Pragmatic AI: An Introduction to Cloud Based Machine Learning.


Beginner programming skills in any language

Beginner command-line skills on Unix or Linux

Beginner understanding of Cloud Technology

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Essential Machine Learning and Pragmatic AI: An Introduction to Cloud-Based Machine Learning shows how AWS and Google Cloud Platform can be used to solve real-world business problems through Machine Learning and AI.

Noah Gift covers how to get started with Python via Jupyter Notebook, and then proceeds to dive into the nuts and bolts of Data Science libraries in Python, including Pandas, Seaborn, scikit-learn, and TensorFlow. He illuminates powerful off-the-shelf cloud offerings from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, and demonstrates proven techniques using the Python data science ecosystem. His workflows and examples help you streamline and simplify every step, from deployment to production, and build exceptionally scalable solutions.

EDA, or exploratory data analysis, is at the heart of the Machine Learning; therefore, this series also highlights how to perform EDA in Python and Jupyter Notebook. Software engineering fundamentals tie the series together, with key instruction on linting, testing, command-line tools, data engineering APIs, and more. You'll walk step-by-step through building cloud-based AI/ML applications to address realistic issues in sports marketing, project management, product pricing, real estate, and beyond. Whether you're a business professional, decision-maker, student, or programmer, Gift's expert guidance and wide-ranging case studies will prepare you to solve data science problems in virtually any environment.

About the Instructor

Noah Gift is lecturer and consultant at both UC Davis Graduate School of Management MSBA program and the Graduate Data Science program, MSDS, at Northwestern. He is teaching and designing graduate machine learning, AI, Data Science courses and consulting on Machine Learning and Cloud Architecture for students and faculty. These responsibilities including leading a multi-cloud certification initiative for students. He has published close to 100 technical publications including two books on subjects ranging from Cloud Machine Learning to DevOps. Gift received an MBA from UC Davis, a M.S. in Computer Information Systems from Cal State Los Angeles, and a B.S. in Nutritional Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Professionally, Noah has approximately 20 years’ experience programming in Python. He is a Python Software Foundation Fellow, AWS Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Machine Learning, AWS Certified Solutions Architect and AWS Academy Accredited Instructor, Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect, Microsoft MTA on Python. He has worked in roles ranging from CTO, General Manager, Consulting CTO and Cloud Architect. This experience has been with a wide variety of companies including ABC, Caltech, Sony Imageworks, Disney Feature Animation, Weta Digital, AT&T, Turner Studios and Linden Lab. In the last ten years, he has been responsible for shipping many new products at multiple companies that generated millions of dollars of revenue and had global scale. Currently he is consulting startups and other companies.

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