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Leading Productive Teams

Time to complete: 3h 48m

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CreatedMay 2018

Today, the organizational structures of most successful enterprises rely more and more on collaborative teams, particularly cross-functional teams, to carry out objectives and initiatives. Getting a group of diverse talents and personalities to work as a unit can be quite an undertaking, though. Being the leader of a team requires skills to effectively motivate, delegate, and manage people to get the most from your team. As a team leader, you are also responsible for the growth of each individual on the team and their careers within the company. Understanding how a team works well will help you diagnose and fix it when something does go wrong.

In this learning path, which is designed for anyone who is currently or plans to be in a team leadership role, you’ll examine techniques that you can employ to more effectively manage a team and extract the best performance possible from its members. To begin, you’ll learn how to build your team and assemble the best talent for the mission at hand. In addition, you’ll look at ways to scale your team for those times when you need to take on additional personnel to handle changing mandates or increased workloads. You’ll also explore “debugging” methods that you can apply to your team if its not producing the results you expect. And, of course, you could not properly manage a team if you don’t know how to manage the people that comprise it, so this learning path also shows you ways to deal with team members individually so that you can maintain a cohesive, productive unit.

What you’ll learn—and how you can apply it

  • How to manage with and without formal authority
  • Understand how to build an effective team
  • Effectively communicate with the team and each individual on it

This learning path is for you because…

  • You have been promoted and are now responsible for a team
  • You feel that your team might be lagging behind expectations and needs to be more effective
  • You're growing your team

Prerequisites: None

Materials or downloads needed in advance: None