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Learning Path

Machine Learning

Time to complete: 18h 54m

Published byInfinite Skills and O'Reilly Media, Inc.

CreatedAugust 2015

With the growing prominence of data science and its uses across all types of business, it’s the perfect time to start applying machine learning. In this Learning Path, you’ll master everything you need to transform data into action. Start with basic techniques and move on to coding your own machine learning algorithms.

This learning path contains self assessments – short, multiple-choice quizzes that you'll take as you work through a Learning Path. They give you quick insights into how you're doing and take the guesswork out of learning.

What you’ll learn—and how you can apply it

  • How to solve data analysis problems using basic machine learning techniques and frameworks
  • How to apply production-quality algorithms to solve real-world problems with machine learning using real data from ecommerce websites
  • Understand key concepts in Deep Learning
  • How to analyze and implement common algorithms used in data processing
  • Understand key concepts, emerging technologies, and cutting-edge practices in the field of machine learning

This learning path is for you because…

  • You are a working data scientist who needs to know more about machine learning
  • You are interested in data science and need to understand how machine learning fits into the big picture of the field


  • basic Python
  • basic understanding of the command line

Materials or downloads needed in advance: Supplemental Content