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Learning Path

Microservices, Spring Boot and Cloud Native Development

Instructor Josh Long
Time to complete: 15h 58m

Published byAddison-Wesley Professional

CreatedMarch 2017


This Learning Path includes Building Microservices with Spring Boot LiveLessonsRESTful Web APIs with Spring LiveLessons, and Cloud Native Java LiveLessons.


  • Experience with Java EE or Spring and a basic knowledge of distributed computing, cloud-based services, Agile methods, and microservice architectures.


In Building Microservices with Spring Boot LiveLessons, Josh Long and Phil Webb demonstrate how and why Spring and Spring Boot offer the best way to build modern microservice systems. They look at the technologies and use-cases common to cloud-native microservice style applications as part of a larger framework, and then specifically address microservice implementation patterns.

In RESTful Web APIs with Spring LiveLessons, Spring Developer Advocate Josh Long discusses and demonstrates strategies for securing REST API access along with handling errors and versioning. These LiveLessons also cover how hypermedia and HATEOAS help you to deliver developer and consume friendly web services.

In Cloud Native Java LiveLessons, we look at how high-performance organizations are addressing the requirements of distribution with Spring Cloud.

About the Instructors

Josh Long is the Spring Developer Advocate at Pivotal. He is a lead author, or co-author, on six books on Spring for Apress and O'Reilly; a frequent speaker at conferences worldwide; a JavaOne rockstar; and also the instructor on the first two Spring LiveLessons videos. He is a contributor to various Spring projects (including Spring Boot) and an all-around Spring fan. You can follow Josh on Twitter: @starbuxman

Phil Webb is the current lead of Spring Boot and a core contributor to the Spring Framework. He has been working with open source for many years and regularly talks at conferences and Java User groups. When he’s not developing code, Phil is kept busy by his young son. Phil is fortunate enough to be employed by Pivotal to work full-time on Spring. You can follow Phil on Twitter: @phillip_webb

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