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Product Management Starter Kit

Time to complete: 57m

Published byO'Reilly Media, Inc.

CreatedMay 2018

Product management has emerged as an exciting and highly desirable career path, offering opportunities to people with far-reaching and eclectic skillsets and backgrounds. Given the enormous variability in the product management role from organization to organization, why do so many potential product managers struggle with pursuing this career? Do you need to learn technical skills? Become an expert designer? Get an MBA?

In this learning path, you’ll learn the fundamentals of product management, including what it is that a product manager actually does on a daily basis. You’ll examine the CORE Connective Skills of Product Management: the essential communication skills that you’ll need to bridge the gap between your team and stakeholders; the ability to organize your team into an efficient, collaborative unit; being prepared to research new concepts; and, of course, the ability to execute all of this effectively. In addition, you’ll look at some of the reasons why product management is not simply about following “best practices.” This learning path is designed to give anyone interested in product management a better sense of what the title entails and the duties for which you would be responsible.

What you’ll learn—and how you can apply it

  • Discover what product management is and what it can bring to an organization
  • Understand how to solidify and focus your role if you're new to a product management position
  • Learn the CORE connective skills of product management

This learning path is for you because…

  • You're a new or aspiring product manager who needs a foundation into what the role is and how it brings value to an organization
  • You're an experienced designer, developer, or engineer who is interested in shifting your career to product management
  • You're a product person or someone on the product team who needs to understand the scope and role of a product manager


  • You should have an active interest in exploring the role of product management

Materials or downloads needed in advance