The size and runtime restrictions imposed on Lambdas mean that large jobs will need to be divided into multiple Lambdas. In this video, Jon Gallagher demonstrates how to include parameters in one Lambda to be read by another, and explains how to set up the correct permissions to enable communication between Lambdas. Developers, administrators, and architects with access to github and the AWS Management Console will learn how parameters are passed to Lambda functions and how the parameters can be manipulated by the calling Lambda.

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Jon Gallagher has been working with public cloud computing for over 10 years, and is a certified instructor for both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Jon currently holds all five certificates for AWS and is a certified Google Cloud Engineer and a Google Certified Professional Architect. Jon has consulted for Fortune 500 companies and the US Military, as well as start-ups ranging from two-person operations to the newest unicorns. Jon has taught courses both in person across the U.S., and in virtual classrooms around world.

Article image: Screen from "How do I invoke a Lambda from another Lambda in AWS?" (source: O'Reilly).