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Light Traces

Using Linux tracing tools

Sasha Goldshtein reviews the modern tracing landscape—ftrace, perf_events, kprobes, uprobes, eBPF—uncovering what insight into system activity these tools can offer.


Running Consul at scale

Learn how Datadog integrated Consul into its environment. Darron Froese outlines mistakes made and lessons learned, plus tips for successful implementation in your own environment.

Old switches

Arista's Virtual ARP

Gone are the days of lining up VLAN Root Bridges and Default Gateway ownership. Arista has an incredibly simple way to solve that design challenge.

Log book

The Arista event monitor

How nice would it be to have a specific log that keeps track of all route, MAC, and ARP moves/adds/deletes? Arista has a built-in feature that does that for you automatically.

Curved roof tiles

Introduction to YAML

Learn the basics of YAML, a friendly language for data, and an increasingly important one for IT ops (particularly if you're planning on using Ansible).



Learn what’s new in HTTP/2 and how your applications can benefit from it.

Target logo

Enterprise DevOps at Target

How do I start? What’s involved? These are common concerns for any enterprise that wants to apply DevOps. Ross Clanton and Greg Larson share their perspectives on those questions based on their experiences at Target.

At Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 9cm-long capillary discharge wave guide used in Bella experiments to generate multi-ge ve electron beams.

Business success and the speed of learning

John Allspaw presents a new way of assessing success and failure. He explains how organizations can become more successful by studying their successes and demonstrates how we can all become more effective by examining our assumptions.