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10 Minute Guide to Motivating People

Book Description

  • Basic strategies for helping staff achieve goals, perform at high levels, and enjoy work in a fear-free environment

  • Invaluable advice for turning employees into creative, motivated problem-solvers

  • Designed to improve productivity and the overall working atmosphere using step-by-step tips and suggestions

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Introduction
  3. What Motivates People?
    1. Understanding Motivation
    2. Patterns of Motivation
    3. Motivations Change
    4. Don't Mistake Your Motivation for Theirs
    5. Common Motivators
  4. Take Care of the Basics
    1. The Importance of Compensation Equity
    2. Providing Special Financial Incentives
    3. Nobody's Business: Keeping Compensation Private
    4. Compensation Envy: Keeping Up with the Joneses
  5. Providing a Great Environment
    1. Understanding Motivators and Demotivators
    2. Designing an Interesting Workspace
    3. Ergonomics Means Safe and Comfortable
  6. Giving Them What They Need to Succeed
    1. Training the Troops: From On-the-Job Training to a Degree
    2. Providing the Proper Tools
  7. Go Team!
    1. Teamwork Today
    2. What Makes a Good Team?
    3. Does Your Team Come with Baggage?
    4. Leadership: It's Essential to a Successful Team
    5. Office Team Building
  8. Throw a Party!
    1. The Workplace: More Than Work
    2. Parties That Motivate
    3. Ten Great Party Ideas
  9. Give a Gift
    1. Gift Giving as Motivation
    2. Shopping for Gifts
    3. Free Company Stuff
    4. Thanking the Family
  10. Getting Out of the Office
    1. Telecommuting: When Work Comes Home
    2. Hold That Meeting Off-Site
    3. Trips as Perks
  11. Just Go Home!
    1. Flex Time: A Hot Trend
    2. Job Sharing
    3. Taking Leave
  12. Recognizing Achievement
    1. The Importance of Recognition
    2. Giving Feedback
    3. The Art of Giving Performance Reviews
    4. Rewarding Excellence
  13. Involving People in Innovation
    1. The Foundation for Organizational Innovation
    2. Soliciting Ideas
    3. Creativity Techniques
    4. Acknowledging Contributions
  14. Providing Challenge
    1. Understanding Goal Fulfillment
    2. Assign an Interesting Project
    3. Listen Up!
    4. Promoting from Within
  15. Share the Success!
    1. Ownership Isn't Just for Owners
    2. Share a Piece of the Action
    3. Spread the Good News!
    4. Now Get Out There and Motivate!
  16. Glossary
  17. Index