10 Secrets of Time Management for Salespeople

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Sell More Every Day • Reduce Stress • Balance Your Life With these 10 Management Secrets for Time-Starved Salespeople

Because of the unique nature of the salesperson’s job, traditional time management techniques do not apply. Sales reps need their own set of time management guidelines. For the very first time Dave Kahle, an internationally recognized sales authority, reveals 10 secrets of time management specific to sales.

He examines effective time management tactics and shows how they can be applied to every major aspect of the salesperson’s job. Each secret is a short, easily remembered statement that resides in a process which, when applied to the sales function, can have a profound impact on sales effectiveness.

These practical time-management tools and processes have been honed and refined from hundreds of sales seminars that the author has led over the years. Literally thousands of salespeople’s personal experiences are distilled and presented as “Tips from the Frontline Troops,” giving the reader valuable and workable information that can be put to use immediately.

For the new sales rep or the seasoned sales veteran, the secrets of time management presented in this book will have an astounding effect on sales volume, quota, and the bottom line.

Dave Kahle has been recognized as the number one salesperson in the country for two different companies in two distinct industries. He’s presented seminars throughout the world, published more than 400 articles, and authored three books and 32 multimedia-training programs.

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction: It’s a Daily Battle!
    1. Benefits of smart time management
    2. Obstacles in the way
    3. Introduction to the 10 secrets
  5. The First Time Management Secret: Get Grounded!
    1. A mindset that provides energy for your efforts
    2. How do you get the More mindset?
    3. The basic time management strategy
    4. Crystallizing your values
    5. Start with a list
    6. Why bother?
  6. The Second Time Management Secret: Think About It Before You Do It!
    1. The planning cycle
    2. Annual planning retreat
    3. Quarterly planning sessions
    4. Monthly planning sessions
    5. Weekly plans
    6. Daily plans
    7. Pre-call review
    8. Post-call reflection
  7. The Third Time Management Secret: Think Right!
    1. Thinking processes for effective time management
    2. Analyzing
    3. Prioritizing
    4. Planning
    5. Imaging
    6. Reflecting
  8. The Fourth Time Management Secret: Prioritize Your Customers and Prospects!
    1. Why you get better results by focusing on a few high-potential accounts
    2. Defining high-potential
    3. Determining potential
    4. One level deeper
    5. Calculating partnerability
    6. Measuring partnerability
    7. Putting the two together
    8. Rating QPC
    9. Developing ABC categories
  9. The Fifth Time Management Secret: Stay on Top of the Flow!
    1. 1. Constantly reprioritize
    2. 2. Stay close to the money
    3. 3. Prepare to make good use of uncontrollable downtime
    4. 4. Don’t always immediately react
    5. 5. Qualify and prioritize every opportunity
    6. 6. Learn to say no
  10. The Sixth Time Management Secret: Clean out the Gunk!
    1. Salesperson’s gunk
    2. How to de-gunk your routines
    3. Preventing future gunk buildup
  11. The Seventh Time Management Secret: Create Systems!
    1. Managing information
    2. Customers and prospects
    3. Competitor files
    4. Tickler files
    5. Product files
    6. Other files
    7. Systems thinking
  12. The Eighth Time Management Secret: Stick to an Effective Sales Process!
    1. Benefits to using a sales process model
    2. The Target System
    3. Using the sales process as a time management tool
    4. For a new product or service introduction
    5. Multiple projects in a single customer
  13. The Ninth Time Management Secret: Nurture Helpful Relationships!
    1. For what tasks can you enlist help?
    2. Who can you enlist to help?
    3. Continually seek things to download
    4. Sell everyone
    5. Download well
  14. The Tenth Time Management Secret: Stay Balanced!
    1. Life sails for the salesperson
    2. Life keels for the salesperson
    3. In balance
  15. About the Author

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  • Title: 10 Secrets of Time Management for Salespeople
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2002
  • Publisher(s): Career Press
  • ISBN: 9781564146304