Further Reading


Bartholl, Aram The Speed Book (Gestalten, 2012)

USB sticks embedded into walls and Google Map markers positioned in public spaces are just two of Bartholl’s public art installations that mashup our online and offline worlds.

Harris, Jonathan & Kamvar, Sep We Feel Fine (Scribner, 2009)

Constantly searching the web for new occurrences of the phrases ‘I feel’ and ‘I am feeling’ and recording the subsequent adjective, We Feel Fine is a barometer for the world’s emotions.

Kare, Susan Icons (http://www.kareprints.com, 2011)

A curated look at 80 of Kare’s icons created between 1983 and 2011. A zoomed-in view allows the reader to see how icons are crafted pixel by pixel.

Lialina, Olia & Espenschied, Dragan Digital Folklore (Merz Academie, ...

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