Network and Sharing Center, 57

parental controls, 51-53

security tools, 53

Windows Media Center, 72

Windows Mobility Center, 65

accessories, 22

add-ons, Windows SideShow, 69

Add/Remove utility, 143-144


Address bar to Windows taskbar, 164-165

gadgets to Sidebar, 157-158


Microsoft Internet Explorer icon, 87-89, 91-94

to desktop, 86

providers to Live Search in Internet Explorer &, 192-193

registry key, 90

Address bar, adding to Windows taskbar, 164-165

adjusting audio levels per application, 198

Advanced Performance Options window, 123-124

advanced performance settings, 123-124

alerts, disabling user account control pop-up alerts, 183-185


of desktop, 48

of Start menu, 46-47

of taskbars, 44-45

Windows Sidebar, ...

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