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This young designers
studies at ESMOD in
Lyon and then in Paris
allowed him to develop
his style and to re ne
his future professional
choices. His intense
need to create, imagine,
and make progress led
him to embark on a
particularly original
adventure. In 2001 he
took advantage of the
famous theatre festival
of Avignon to set up a
temporary boutique, “le
garage des createurs,
where he designed and
made unique articles
of clothing, with the
idea of making his work
and sensitivity known
to a wider audience.
Vincent’s work is both
colorful and retro. His
casual-chic style, while
based on a traditional,
classical dress code,
rede nes the male
image thanks to his bold
and daring touch. Early
in 2006, he presented
his  rst men’s collection
at the young designer
fair in Dinard, where he
obtained the Mairie de
Paris special award.
Vincent Schoepfer
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