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There are three things
that made a career
in fashion inevitable
for Tony Cohen.
First was being born
in Amsterdam and
growing up in the heart
of the city, where the
famous Waterlooplein
Market is found. Second
was his grandmother’s
passion for selling
used clothes at this
market (some of these
vintage pieces are still
in Tony’s archive). And
the third was the fact
that his father worked
in women’s fashion
for 40 years. After
nishing his studies
and spending a short
time as a professional
sportsman in the US,
he moved to Italy
where he began to make
garment-dyed clothing.
In 2004 he created
label, which was
soon well received by
international buyers
of the likes of Harvey
Nichols, Villa Moda,
Lisa Kline, and Neiman
Tony Cohen
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