1000 Illustrations for Children

Book description

Discover beautiful and inspiring illustrations from children’s stories in 1000 Illustrations for Children! Colorful, whimsical drawings fill the pages, brought to you by expert contributors from around the world, including: -Wolf Erlbruch (Germany) -Julia Wauters (France) -Nadia Budde (Germany) -Marije Tolman (The Netherlands) -Kitty Crowther (Belgium) -Suzy Lee (Korea) -Komako Sakai (Japan) -Owen Davey (UK) -Oliver Jeffers (USA) -Renato Moriconi (Brazil) -Rilla Alexander (Australia) -And many others

Product information

  • Title: 1000 Illustrations for Children
  • Author(s): Julia Schonlau
  • Release date: May 2013
  • Publisher(s): Quarry Books
  • ISBN: 9781610587624