Chapter 15

Sequences and Series

A sequence is a list of numbers or terms. When a rule is used to create a numerical sequence, the terms are designated as first, second, third, and so on, and the number of the term is used in the rule. A series is the sum of the terms in a sequence.

Many sequences and series can be designated as arithmetic, geometric, Fibonacci, and so on. Sequences and series that fall into certain categories can have special rules used to find sums of terms or particular terms in the listing.

The Problems You’ll Work On

In this chapter, you’ll work with sequences and series in the following ways:

check.png Writing specific terms of the sequence when given a rule

check.png Continuing the listing of terms in a sequence when given four or more existing terms

check.png Using the format for arithmetic and geometric sequences to write their rules

check.png Finding the sum of the terms in a series

check.png Working with other special sequences and series

Applying sequences and series to practical problems

What to Watch ...

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