Chapter 1

Word Knowledge: Putting Your Vocabulary to the Test

The Word Knowledge subtest on the ASVAB measures your ability to communicate by gauging your vocabulary level. To do well on this subtest, you don’t have to be a walking dictionary. However, you do need a good grasp on the English language, which means having a solid knowledge of words and their meanings. You also need to be able to determine what words mean based on their context within a sentence.

When you’re working through these 250 practice questions, you may encounter words you use every day, words you hear occasionally, and words you’ve never seen before. When you come across a word you don’t know, give it your best guess — sometimes your knowledge of other, similar words will kick in and you’ll get it right. (You can use that strategy on test day, too, when you have 8 minutes to answer 16 Word Knowledge questions on the computerized version of the ASVAB or 11 minutes to answer 35 questions on the paper version.)

The Questions You’ll Work On

You find three types of questions on the Word Knowledge subtest:

  • Synonyms: These questions ask you to find the word closest in meaning to the underlined word.
  • Sentence context: Sentence context questions give you a sentence and ask you to find the find the word that can best replace the underlined word without changing the meaning.
  • Antonyms: These questions ask you to select the answer that’s most opposite in meaning to the underlined word.

What to Watch Out For

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