Chapter 2

Integrated Reasoning

The GMAT Integrated Reasoning (IR) section consists of 12 multiple-part questions that must be completed in 30 minutes. Your answers for each of the multiple parts of an IR question must all be correct to get credit for the question. You have access to an onscreen calculator for this section of the test. The IR questions require you to apply critical reasoning and math skills to various data-intensive scenarios. The questions are presented in the following four different formats:

  • Table Analysis questions present data in sortable tables. You use the data to choose one of two opposing answer choices for each of three statements.
  • Two-Part Analysis questions present a short written explanation of a situation or math problem in which two portions of related information are unknown. You are asked to make two choices, one for each of the unknown portions.
  • Graphics Interpretation questions present information in a graph or other visual image. You must complete two missing pieces of information in one or two statements by choosing from drop-down menus.
  • Multi-Source Reasoning questions present several sources of information, such as text material, graphs, diagrams, charts, and tables. You must synthesize the information and draw logical conclusions to answer three questions. Two of the questions are multiple-part questions. For these two questions, you choose one of two opposing answer choices for each of three statements. The other question is a five-option ...

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