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101 Design Ingredients to Solve Big Tech Problems

Book Description

Tough technology and business challenges face you at every stage of a project. The one-page ingredients in 101 Design Ingredients show you how to solve problems using practical examples you can apply right away. Case studies explain how leading companies combined these ingredients into their own unique recipes to catapult their businesses, and how you can too.

Table of Contents

  1. 101 Design Ingredients to Solve Big Tech Problems
  2. For the Best Reading Experience...
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Early praise for 101 Design Ingredients to Solve Big Tech Problems
  5. Foreword
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
    1. Who This Book Is For
    2. How To Read This Book
    3. Online Resources
  8. Part 1: Ingredients to Get You Started
    1. Identify the Root Cause
    2. Understand Customer Needs
    3. Promote Your Team
    4. Know What You Control
    5. Find the Sweet Spot
    6. Connect the Dots
    7. Know What Competitors Are Up To
    8. Start with the End
    9. Get Your Facts Right
    10. Improve vs. Differentiate
    11. Do the Opposite
    12. Make It an Adventure
    13. Build an A-Team
    14. Clarify Roles and Responsibilities
    15. Simplify Your Business Model
    16. Pitch the Problem
    17. Sell It in One Sentence
    18. Time It Right
    19. Test Your Biggest Hypothesis First
    20. Take a Leap of Faith
  9. Part 2: Ingredients to Keep You Going
    1. Know What Will Help You Succeed
    2. Put It into Context
    3. Sympathize with the Situation
    4. They Can’t Be Good at Everything
    5. Be a Catalyst
    6. Perform as a Team
    7. Fight Them to Know Them
    8. Just Flow with It
    9. Train Them Right
    10. Make It Easy
    11. Prioritize Ideas
    12. Slice It Thinly
    13. Find the Shortest Route
    14. Timebox It
    15. Keep It Simple
    16. Use the 80/20 Rule
    17. Constrain Yourself
    18. Be Really Good at One Thing
    19. Be Unfashionable
    20. Fail Fast, Fail Often
    21. Find the Gaps
    22. Play a Good Game
    23. Look for Commonalities
    24. Don’t Improve Only the Obvious
    25. Align with Expectations
    26. Attract What You Want
    27. Don’t Ask What They Want
    28. Lead by Example
    29. Be Prepared
    30. Frame It
    31. Focus on the Details
    32. Reduce the Options
    33. Make It Obvious
    34. Take a Walk
    35. Celebrate Success
  10. Part 3: Ingredients to Help You Cross the Finish Line
    1. Make It Personal
    2. Don’t Get Distracted
    3. Stop Making It Up
    4. Surprise Them
    5. Check the Data
    6. Adapt Quickly
    7. Find Allies
    8. Keep People Informed
    9. Don’t Show Up
    10. Don’t Think Too Much
    11. Make It Interesting
    12. Make It Accessible
    13. Tell a Good Story
    14. Reward Them
    15. Keep It Under the Radar
    16. Have an Opinion
    17. Be Good
    18. Cut through the Bull
    19. Make It Emotional
    20. Build Up Enough Momentum
    21. Create a Tipping Point
    22. Execute It Well
  11. Part 4: Ingredients to Get More of What You Want
    1. Look Outside to Be More Effective
    2. Do It Because You Can’t
    3. Cast It Far, Then Reel It In
    4. Be Unreasonable
    5. Crowdsource It
    6. Don’t Do It All
    7. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
    8. Be Childish
    9. Get Bored Easily
    10. Don’t Expect the Same Results
    11. Challenge and Disrupt
    12. Let Processes Form Around Needs
    13. Increase Happiness
    14. Become an Expert
    15. Know When to Give Up
    16. Don’t Get Lazy
    17. Don’t Jump to Conclusions
    18. Support It After It Goes Live
    19. Risk Getting Fired
    20. Make One Last Attempt
    21. Get Them Addicted
    22. Take the Blame
    23. Give It Away
    24. Don’t Think You Can Prevent Disaster
  12. Part 5: Recipes for Success
    1. A Recipe for Effective Leadership
    2. A Recipe for Awesome Employees
    3. A Recipe for Social Relevance
    4. A Recipe for Lean Startup in Large Organizations
    5. A Recipe for Being Indispensable
    6. A Recipe for Evolution
    7. A Recipe for Constant Innovation
    8. A Recipe for Getting Investment
    9. A Recipe for Doing Social Good
    10. A Recipe for World Domination
  13. Final Thoughts
    1. You May Be Interested In…