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101 Quick and Easy Secrets for Using Your Digital Photographs

Book Description

If you own a digital camera and actively take pictures with it, you probably have a hard drive, memory card, or laptop filled with images that you keep meaning to do something with but never get around to. 101 Quick and Easy Secrets for Using Your Digital Photographs will show you how to make the most out of the images you have or plan to take, detailing the best way to manipulate, manage, publish, share, and promote your photographs. You'll learn how to navigate through both free downloadable software programs that help you manage your photos, such as Picasa, and the programs you already have on your computer, such as iPhoto. To help you share your photos with others, the book explores free online sites, such as Flickr and Facebook, and tells you how to best utilize them to suit your needs. The book also walks through the printing process, from finding the right paper for your prints to finding the best printer to make them last. And if you don't want to do the printing yourself, you'll discover how to outsource it. And when it comes to displaying your printed photographs, whether you prefer elaborate scrapbooks or simple frames, this book will show you the best places to purchase all the supplies and tools you need. Whether you are a professional looking to polish your portfolio and promote yourself or a casual photographer just looking to organize and display your family photos, 101 Quick and Easy Secrets for Using Your Digital Photographs will help you make the most out of your collection of digital photographs.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Dedication
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. About the Author
  5. Introduction
  6. 1. Preparing Your Photos for Use
    1. Maintaining Your Computer so You Don’t Lose Image Files
    2. Cropping Photos to Make Them Look Better
    3. Attaching Photos to Email (Including the Largest Sizes You Can Send for Each Service)
    4. Storing Your Photos Online
    5. Storing Your Photos and Backups Properly
    6. Organizing Photos on Your Computer
    7. Managing Your Photos in iPhoto
    8. Managing Your Photos in Picasa
    9. Using Image Processing Programs to Tweak Your Photos
      1. Flickr
      2. Picasa
      3. Photoshop/Photoshop Elements
      4. GIMP
    10. Resizing Your Photos for Different Uses
    11. Using a Memory Card Reader to Transfer Photos
  7. 2. Sharing Your Photos Online
    1. Posting and Sharing at Flickr
    2. Sharing Using Picasa and Picasa Web Albums
    3. Posting and Sharing at Shutterfly
    4. Posting and Sharing at Photobucket
    5. Posting and Sharing at ImageShack
    6. Creating a MySpace Photo Album
    7. Creating a Facebook Photo Album
  8. 3. Sharing Your Photos with Family and Friends
    1. Hosting Photo Nights to Share Photo Slideshows
    2. Joining a Photography Meetup Group
    3. Taking an Online Photography Class
    4. Becoming a Member of the CityDailyPhoto.com Blog Group
    5. Making a Family Tree Website with Photos
    6. Making a Photo Webpage
    7. Making a Photo Collage
  9. 4. Preparing Your Photos for Use
    1. Printing Anywhere with a Portable Printer
    2. Getting the Best Printer for the Price
    3. Printing with the Printer the Pros Use
    4. Choosing the Right Paper for Making Prints
    5. Learning Color Management for Great Color Photos
    6. Printing in Black and White
    7. Maintaining Your Printer
    8. Outsourcing Your Printing
    9. Blowing Up Your Prints to Wall Size
  10. 5. Scrapbooking Bug Gotcha?
    1. Photography and Paper Scrapbooking
    2. Downloading Free Digital Kits for Your Photos
    3. Trying Digital Scrapbooking
    4. Using Photoshop/Elements Filters to Make Art from Photos
    5. Making a Theme for Your Scrapbook Page
    6. Looking at What Other Scrappers Have Done
    7. Organizing Your Scrapbook Album
    8. Paper Scrapbookers’ Supplies Galore
  11. 6. Photo Blog Heaven
    1. Starting a Photo Blog with Blogger
    2. Starting a Blog with Images and Text on WordPress
    3. Starting a Photo Blog with Images on Aminus3
    4. Getting Lots of People to View Your Photo Blog
      1. Choosing the Correct Settings at Your Blog Hosting Site
      2. Claiming Your Blog at Technorati and other Blog Listing Sites
      3. Submitting Your Blog URL to Google
      4. Including Short Descriptions of Your Images within Your Posts
    5. Composing a Photo Essay for Your Blog
    6. Choosing Photos That Tell a Story for Your Blog
    7. Discussing Camera Settings for Your Photos on Your Blog
    8. Posting Retro Family Photos on Your Blog
    9. Posting Your Photos While You Are on a Trip
    10. Building a Moblog
  12. 7. As Pretty as a Picture Frame
    1. Putting Your Photos in a Digital Picture Frame
    2. Framing Your Photo Using a Frame Purchased on the Internet
    3. Framing Using Acid-Free Mats
    4. Recycling Thrift-Store Frames for Your Photos
    5. Framing Your Photo Online
    6. Making a Frame for Your Photo in Photoshop
  13. 8. Making Big Bucks Selling Your Photos (and Donating Them, Too)
    1. Selling Your Photos to Online Microstock Photography Agencies
    2. Copyrighting Your Photos
    3. Selling Your Photos as Postcards
    4. Selling Your Photo Designs at Zazzle.com
    5. Selling Photos to Regional Magazines
      1. Arizona Highways
      2. Vermont Life
    6. Donating Your Framed Photos to Charitable Institutions (and Getting Tax Deductions)
    7. Selling Your Photography on eBay
    8. Selling Your Photography on Craigslist
    9. Selling Your Photos at an Art/Street Fair
      1. Street Fairs
    10. Selling Your Framed Photos at a Café, Art Gallery, or Consignment Store
  14. 9. Personal Accessories
    1. Putting Your Photos in a Traditional Photo Album
    2. Putting Your Photos on Coffee Mugs
    3. Ironing Your Photos on T-Shirts
    4. Making Business Cards with Your Photos at MOO.com
    5. Burning Your Photos onto a Gift CD
    6. Creating a Greeting Card Online
    7. Creating Custom Postage Stamps with Your Photos at Stamps.com
  15. 10. Getting Published
    1. Making Your Photos Web Ready
    2. Making Your Photos Magazine Ready
    3. Writing a How-To Photo Book
    4. Entering a Photography Competition
      1. Popular Photography Photo Contest
      2. American Photo
      3. National Wildlife
      4. Smithsonian Magazine
    5. Self-Publishing a Photo Book Using Blurb
    6. Submitting Photos to the Big-Time Media Outlets for Publication
    7. Getting Your Photo Noticed on Google
    8. Using BigHugeLabs to Publish Photo Posters, Jigsaw Puzzles, Comicbook Captions, and More
  16. 11. Promoting Yourself
    1. Building a Website That Respects Your Budget
    2. Knowing What You Want on Your Website
    3. Letting Others Know about Your Website/Blog
    4. Using Twitter to Announce Your Events/Activities
    5. Creating a Print Photography Portfolio
    6. Creating a Google Knol
    7. Interacting with Others Online
    8. Pounding the Pavement
  17. 12. Working with Slideshows
    1. Making a Movie from Your Images Using iMovie
    2. Making a Movie from Your Images Using Windows Movie Maker
    3. Making a Slideshow Using Picasa
    4. Putting Your Slideshow on YouTube
      1. From iMovie
      2. From Movie Maker
      3. From Picasa
    5. Embedding a Slideshow on Your Blog
      1. On Blogger
      2. On WordPress
    6. Using Slide.com to Make a Slideshow
    7. Making and Sharing Your Slideshow at Slideroll.com
    8. Showing Your Slideshows on TV
  18. 13. Film to Digital
    1. Sorting through Your Old Photos to Prepare Them for Scanning
    2. Scanning Prints, Slides, and Negatives
    3. Getting Your Photos (Including Negatives) Professionally Scanned