acceleration factor

Adoboli, Kweku

ADX. See average directional movement index (ADX)

algorithmic trading

ask price

asset classes

ATR. See average true range (ATR) indicator

AUD (Australian dollar)

AUD/CHF (Australian dollar vs. Swiss franc)

AUD/USD (Australian dollar vs. U.S. dollar)

in a 4-hour time frame
chart before actual figure released
moving in a downtrend

automated trading systems

average daily turnover by instrument

average directional movement index (ADX)

average true range (ATR) indicator


balk the talk strategy

Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Bank of America

Bank of Japan


forex services for clients
proprietary trading desks

bar chart

Barclay Hedge Fund Index

BBC News

Bear Stearns

Bech, Morten (senior economist)

Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme


bid/ask spread

bid price

BIS. See Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

BIS Quarterly Review

Black Wednesday

Bloomberg Businessweek

Australia and interest rates
Bank of Japan intervention
consumer spending
Indonesia, natural disaster in
Japan, current account deficit in
Sri Lanka and interest rates

Bollinger Bands

price hits lower band of first Bollinger Bands (MA 12, Dev 2) and retraces back up to center MA 12
price hits upper band of first Bollinger Bands (MA 12, Dev 2) and retraces down to the center MA 12

bond auction in Spain



from the resistance area
from the support area

Business Insider


buy low, sell high

buy stop, engage pending



bull and bear ...

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