Chapter 9

Auto & Shop Information

In This Chapter

arrow In This Chapter Looking under the hood of vehicles

arrow Knowing the tools of the trade

arrow Checking out the many uses of fasteners

arrow Driving up your test score

Ever wonder why automobile mechanics and carpenters charge you about a billion dollars an hour when you need to hire their services? Because if the jobs were easy, everyone would do them.

Fortunately, to do well on the Auto & Shop Information (AS) subtest of the ASVAB, you don’t have to get your hands greasy or chance hitting your thumb with a hammer. The questions on this subtest are pretty basic. Automotive questions usually ask about basic automotive systems and malfunctions. The shop questions generally ask you to identify a tool or fastener or the purpose of such.

The Auto & Shop Information subtest consists of 25 questions on the paper and pencil version. Happily, the ASVAB gurus give you 26.4 seconds to answer each question (11 minutes total). About half of the questions measure your basic knowledge of automotive principles and half query you about shop tools and basic shop principles. ...

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