Chapter 16

Practice Exam 2: Answers and Explanations

Here are the answers and explanations for the practice exam in Chapter 15. Read over each question from Chapter 15 as you check your answers. Doing so reminds you what the question is about and serves as a helpful review. If you look at each question and the possible answers, you can also identify some of the traps that you may run across on the ASVAB.

You don’t have to be an algebra ace to determine whether you’re making progress through your review efforts. Simply compare the number of wrong answers you got on Practice Exam 1 (Chapter 13) against the number of wrong answers you got on this test. If you put the work in, you’ll probably find that you made fewer errors on Practice Exam 2.

By the time you’ve scored Practice Exam 2, you should have a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses. If some subjects or subtests still give you problems, keep studying — just follow the cross-references for some tips and additional practice questions. If you find you need in-depth study, check out Chapter 14, where I name some books on various subjects covered in the subtests.

remember The ASVAB is technically scored by comparing your raw score to the scores of other people, which produces a scaled score. Turn to Chapter 2 to find out how the ASVAB is scored.

Subtest 1: General Science Answers

The answers to the questions on the General Science ...

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