Chapter 5

Paragraph Comprehension


Knowing what to expect of the Paragraph Comprehension subtest

Pumping up your comprehension

Maxing out your reading speed

Improving your odds at test time

Any other organization would call this section of the ASVAB the Reading Comprehension subtest, but the Department of Defense is a stickler for precision. You’ll be reading paragraphs, darn it, so you’re being tested on how well you understand paragraphs! Not words, not sentences, not essays, but paragraphs! Don’t you just love the military way?

One thing you get from basic training is that comprehending the drill sergeant’s orders and the information in your instruction manuals is important. The ability to read and understand the written directions in your basic training manual can save you and your buddies hundreds of push-ups (trust me on this one). The Paragraph Comprehension subtest measures your ability to understand what you read and draw conclusions from that material. It contains a number of reading passages and questions about those passages.

After you enlist, you discover that the military runs on paperwork. If you can’t read and understand a regulation that’s buried within a pile of papers, how are you going to obey it?

Understanding the Importance of Paragraph Comprehension for Military Jobs

The Paragraph Comprehension subtest is an important part of your AFQT score, which is the most important score because it determines whether a particular branch of service ...

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