Appendix B

Countdown to Taking the ASVAB


Figuring out how much time you have to prepare

Planning your study strategy

The ASVAB isn’t an intelligence test, although you’ll need to tap into your knowledge reserves when you take it. It’s actually designed to tell the military where you’ll shine as a service member based on your current knowledge and your aptitude for learning more. The military uses carefully calculated line scores to determine which jobs will be a good fit for you within the branch you choose.

This appendix gives you a study plan to prepare for the ASVAB based on how many weeks you have until you take the test.

How Much Time Do You Have to Prepare?

Your recruiter will call MEPS to find out when they can fit you in, but ultimately, you control when you take the ASVAB. Let your recruiter know if you feel rushed. Landing the military job you want depends on your scores, so if you need more time to prepare, ask for it. It’s important that you study at your own pace so you can absorb all the information you need.

remember Knowing math and English concepts is an important prerequisite to taking the ASVAB — but it’s also important that you learn and/or review these topics over time. You can’t put off studying until the night before you take the test; you’ll end up being frazzled on test day, and it’ll show in your scores.

Outline Your ASVAB Study Strategy

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