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Security / Architecture
The concept of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) has undergone
dramatic changes over the last several decades since C. Ray Jeffery coined the term in the
early 1970s and Tim Crowe wrote the rst CPTED applications book. The second edition of
21st Century Security and CPTED includes the latest theory, knowledge, and practice of
CPTED as it relates to the current security threats facing the modern world: theft, violent
crime, terrorism, gang activity, and school and workplace violence.
This signicantly expanded edition includes the latest coverage of proper lighting, building
designboth the interior and exteriorphysical security barriers, the usage of fencing,
bollards, natural surveillance, landscaping, and landscape design. Such design concepts
and security elements can be applied to address a wide variety of threats including crime
prevention, blast mitigation, and CBRNE threat protection.
Authored by one of the U.S.s renowned security expertsand a premiere architect and
criminologist—the book is the most comprehensive examination of CPTED and CPTED
principles available. This edition includes a complete update of all chapters in addition to ve
new chapters, over 700 gure illustrations and photos, numerous tables and checklists, and a
20-page color plate section. This latest edition:
• Features ve new chapters including green and sustainable buildings, infrastructure
protection, and premises liability
• Presents step-by-step guidelines and real-world applications of CPTED concepts,
principles and processes—from risk assessment to construction and post-occupancy
• Outlines national building security codes and standards
• Examines architectural surety from the perspective of risk analysis and premises
• Demonstrates CPTED implementation in high-security environments, such as
hospitals, parks, ATMs, schools, and public and private sector buildings
A practical resource for architects, urban planners and designers, security managers, law
enforcement, CPTED practitioners, building and property managers, homeland security
professionals, and students, 21st Century Security and CPTED, Second Edition continues
to serve as the most complete and up-to-date reference available on next-generation CPTED
practices today.
21st Century
Security and CPTED
Designing for Critical Infrastructure
Protection and Crime Prevention
Randall I. Atlas, Ph.D.
21st Century
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21st Century
Designing for Critical Infrastructure
Protection and Crime Prevention
Second Edition
21st Century
Designing for Critical Infrastructure
Protection and Crime Prevention
Randall I. Atlas, Ph.D.
Second Edition
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