Development of a Sustainable Copper Scrap Management Model

Marie Bonnina, Catherine Azzaro-Pantela, Ludovic Montastruca, Luc Pibouleaua, Serge Domenecha and Jacques Villeneuveb,    aLaboratoire de Génie Chimique, LGC UMR CNRS 5503 ENSIACETINPT, 4 allée Emile Monso, BP 84234, 31432 Toulouse cedex 4, France, bBureau de Recherche Géologique et Minière, 3 avenue Claude-Guillemin, BP 36009, 45060 Orléans cedex 2, France


A copper scrap management model at a country level is proposed, taking into account every collected copper scrap stream, with its associated environmental impact and cost. The method is applied on the treatment of printed wiring boards (PWB) in France. Considering the initial physical properties and composition of this scrap, ...

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