Multi-stage stochastic optimization of the design and planning of a Closed-Loop Supply Chain

Luis J. Zeballosa, Carlos A. Méndeza, Ana P. Barbosa-Povoab and Augusto Q. Novaisc,    aINTEC (UNL-CONICET), Güemes 3450, 3000 Santa Fe, Argentina, bCentre for Management Studies, Instituto Superior Técnico, UTL, Lisboa, Portugal, cModelação e Optimização de Sistemas Energéticos, Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia, Lisboa, Portugal


This paper addresses the multi-period, multi-product Closed-Loop Supply Chain (CLSC) design and planning problem with uncertain levels in the amount of raw material and customer demands. In addition, several aspects of practical significance are taken into account, such as those related with the operational ...

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