24P Digital Post Production with Final Cut Pro and the DVX100

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This is The Ultimate Master Class for Panasonic DVX100 users working with Final Cut Pro 7! Condensing years of Noah Kadner's expertise and know-how into easy-to-follow demonstrations and workflows. The video is broken into two sections: Production: Shooting for the Edit and Post-Production with a focus on Final Cut Pro. ATTENTION Windows Users- Although this course utilizes Final Cut Pro for its examples, you'll find the topics highly useful for most other editing platforms as well including Avid and Adobe Premiere. Noah has answered thousands of DVX100 and FCP-related questions during his years spent as a forum leader in DVX100 message boards like 2-pop.com, CreativeCOW and DVXuser.com. He's also spent years as an Apple Certified Pro instructor in Final Cut Studio and as a systems integrator and private consultant for 24p production and editing in Hollywood. Now he brings you all of that knowledge and experience in this master class.Unlock the secrets of your 24p camera and learn how to get the maximum in post-production from Final Cut Pro 7. This course features over an hour and a half of original content broken down into learning modules with interactive animations and easy to understand, real-world examples. Covers the original DVX100, DVX100A and DVX100B along with FCP 4 and up. The video format comes in full 720:480, 16:9, 24p. Here are just a few topics covered:Advanced Pulldown RemovalOutput for 24p DVD24pA vs. 24p StandardOutput for 35mm FilmAnamorphic 16:9 SetupCinema ToolsEditing System Shopping ListsFixing Tape DropoutsEasy SetupsSDI vs. Firewire CaptureDV Tape Stock RecommendationsSlate operationsREC RUN vs. FREE RUNOutput for Color CorrectionSyncing Sound in Postand much more!

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  1. Part 1 00:18:50
  2. Part 2 1:06:07

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  • Title: 24P Digital Post Production with Final Cut Pro and the DVX100
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2012
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0133084760