Walking When Moving

Right now, our avatar is constantly walking—even when we’re not controlling it with our controls from Chapter 4, Project: Moving Avatars. Let’s fix this problem.

First, let’s add a way to track the direction in which the avatar is moving. Add four more lines above the animate() function, starting with the value of isMovingRight:

 var​ clock = ​new​ THREE.Clock();
 var​ isCartwheeling = ​false​;
 var​ isFlipping = ​false​;
 var​ isMovingRight = ​false​;
 var​ isMovingLeft = ​false​;
 var​ isMovingForward = ​false
 var​ isMovingBack = ​false​;

That code says that our avatar is not moving at first. Until something happens, our avatar is not moving right, left, forward, or back—it is false that the avatar is moving ...

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