3D Modeling in Photoshop

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In this 3D Modeling in Photoshop training course expert trainer Jeff Sengstack will show you how to use the 3D tools in Adobe Photoshop to create and render high-quality 3D models and animations. Photoshop is not just for editing photos any longer, the 3D tools that you have at your fingertips will allow you to quickly and easily create 3D models, and this video tutorial will show you how!
Jeff starts your Photoshop 3D training by showing you how to setup your workspace, and walking you through the camera and view controls, which are essential for building models. In this computer based training course, Jeff covers almost all of the 3D tools that are available to you in Photoshop, such as; creating 3D meshes using presets, using tools suck as deform, taper, inflate and shear to extrude objects. He also explains how to work with 3D text and setting and changing environments and scenes. You will learn how to add textures, adjust colours and shine, and how use lighting with your models. You will combine Photoshop Video functions with 3D functions to create animation, learn where to get third party models, and how to use them, and finally, you will learn how to render and export your projects.
By the completion of this video training course for 3D modeling in Adobe Photoshop, you will be fully capable of creating amazing models using the tools that Adobe provides to you in Photoshop. You can create, animate, render and share your models with friends, family and the world! Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

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Table of contents

  1. Introducing 3D In Photoshop
    1. What You Will Learn In This Course 00:05:24
    2. Setting Up The Workspace And Preferences 00:06:38
    3. Organizing The Working Files 00:01:35
    4. Walking Through A Basic 3D Project 00:08:43
  2. Working With The Camera And Move Tools
    1. Using The 3D Camera To Move The Ground Plane 00:12:57
    2. Using The Cage To Move A 3D Object 00:07:18
    3. Using The Widget To Move A 3D Object 00:07:09
    4. Using Numeric Values To Move A 3D Object 00:04:34
    5. Examining 3D Depth Of Field And Field Of View 00:08:01
    6. Using The Secondary View 00:03:44
  3. Using The Create New 3D Object Panel
    1. Making 2D Layers In 3D Space 00:08:09
    2. Using Presets To Create 3D Meshes 00:09:44
    3. Using A Depth Map To Build A Mesh 00:07:29
    4. Extruding Text, Brush Strokes, And Shapes 00:11:27
    5. Adding Internal Constraints On Extruded Objects 00:07:42
    6. Using Deform To Twist, Taper, Bend, And Shear Extruded Objects 00:10:38
    7. Using Cap To Bevel, Inflate, Or Deflate Extruded Objects 00:06:58
    8. Making 3D Objects From Everyday Items 00:08:37
  4. Working With 3D Text
    1. Extruding And Editing 3D Text 00:07:50
    2. Warping 3D Text 00:04:35
    3. Deforming 3D Text: Twist, Taper, Bend And Shear 00:04:53
    4. Using Cap Properties On 3D Text And Internal Constraints 00:06:19
    5. Splitting Text Into Individual Objects 00:06:27
    6. Distorting And Extruding Text 00:05:15
  5. Adding And Editing Materials: Textures And Maps
    1. Reviewing Materials And Downloading Extra Sets 00:07:11
    2. Using Materials Presets 00:10:51
    3. Rendering Changes To Check Your Work 00:08:04
    4. Applying Diffuse Material Textures To 3D Objects 00:09:27
    5. Positioning Materials Using Overlays Or A Checkerboard 00:14:23
    6. Fixing Seams In Textures 00:09:42
    7. Adjusting Colors For Specular, Illumination, And Ambient Materials 00:05:43
    8. Adjusting Shine, Reflection, And Roughness 00:06:59
    9. Using A Bump Map To Give An Object Texture 00:05:38
    10. Adjusting Opacity And Refraction 00:06:29
    11. Giving A 3D Object An Environment Texture File 00:09:14
  6. Setting And Changing Environment And Scene Properties
    1. Changing 3D Layer And 3D Object Ambient Colors 00:06:17
    2. Adjusting Image-Based Light Color Settings 00:05:51
    3. Using Adobe-Created And Custom IBL Texture Files For Illumination And Backgrounds 00:07:52
    4. Working With Standard And Custom Ground Planes 00:07:19
    5. Working With The Scene Cross Section Property 00:06:05
  7. Using Lights
    1. Overview Of The Three Standard 3D Lights 00:04:28
    2. Using The Infinite Light 00:05:41
    3. Using The Point Light 00:09:57
    4. Using The Spot Light 00:11:43
    5. Using Multiple Lights And Lighting Presets 00:06:20
  8. Merging Multiple 3D Layers
    1. Placing Objects In Stages/Sets 00:08:04
    2. Giving A Photo A Frame 00:08:25
    3. Creating A Glass 00:10:48
    4. Creating A Window Frame With Tinted Glass 00:07:23
    5. Merging Spheres For A Cross Section 00:05:02
    6. Using Cross Section To Place A 2D Or 3D Layer Inside A 3D Object 00:10:40
    7. Using An Opacity Texture File To Place A 3D Object Inside Another 3D Object 00:07:03
    8. Creating Shadow Catchers To Match Background Perspective 00:06:53
  9. Using Third-Party 3D Models
    1. Checking Out Resources And Compatible File Types 00:02:57
    2. Opening Existing 3D Models In Photoshop 00:07:46
    3. Using The Vanishing Point Filter To Place Objects In A Scene 00:07:00
    4. Making Changes To Third Party 3D Models 00:08:46
    5. Dealing With Common Third Party 3D Model Issues 00:07:21
  10. Animating 3D Objects Using Photoshop Video Features
    1. Introducing Keyframe Animations 00:05:49
    2. Working With Some Motion Animation Projects 00:08:16
    3. Moving The Camera And Lights 00:06:16
    4. Altering Material And Cross Section Properties Over Time 00:04:27
  11. Rendering And Exporting Layers And Projects
    1. Performing A Final Still Image Render 00:03:26
    2. Exporting 3D Layers As Standard 3D File Types 00:05:48
    3. Exporting Animations As Video Files 00:05:14
    4. Exporting Animations As DPX And Photoshop Image Sequences 00:05:12
  12. Acknowledgements, Bio, Resources, And Goodbye
    1. Acknowledgements 00:00:41
    2. Author Bio, Resources, And Goodbye 00:01:29

Product information

  • Title: 3D Modeling in Photoshop
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: February 2013
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781771370707