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3D Printing and CNC Fabrication with SketchUp

Book Description

Model and print your own 3D creations using SketchUp!

Get up and running fast in the consumer design and fabrication world using the hands-on information in this guide. 3D Printing and CNC Fabrication with SketchUp features step-by-step tutorials of fun and easy DIY projects. Learn how to create your own 3D models, edit downloaded models, make them printable, and bring them to physical life either on your own printer or through an online service bureau.
  • Download and install SketchUp on your Mac or PC
  • Navigate the interface and SketchUp’s native design tools
  • Download design and analysis tools from the Extension Warehouse.
  • Edit models downloaded from the 3D Warehouse and Thingiverse.
  • Import and export STL files.
  • Analyze your projects for 3D printability.
  • Set up, use, and maintain a home 3D printer
  • Work with AutoCAD, 123D Make, 123D Meshmixer, and Vetric Cut2D
  • Generate files for CNC cutters

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Preface
  7. Resources to Check Out
  8. 1 We Creating!
    1. What Is This Book About?
    2. What Is a Modeling Program?
    3. What Is SketchUp?
    4. What Is 3D Printing?
    5. Is 3D Printing Cheap?
    6. What Is CNC Fabrication?
    7. What Is a Maker Space?
    8. What You Need, Computer-wise
    9. Download SketchUp
    10. Summary
    11. Resources
  9. 2 Getting Started: The Interface
    1. The SketchUp Interface
    2. The Measurements Box
    3. Run Multiple SketchUp Files at the Same Time
    4. Save Options
    5. Backup Files
    6. Add the Large Tool Set
    7. The Select Tool
    8. Rectangle and Rotated Rectangle Tools
    9. Faces, Edges, and Geometry
    10. The Inference Engine
    11. The Push/Pull Tool
    12. Input Numbers
    13. Changing Units
    14. The Pan, Orbit, and Zoom Tools
    15. Modifier Keys
    16. The Escape Key
    17. View the Model in Paraline Mode
    18. View the Model Two-Dimensionally
    19. Selection and Crossing Windows
    20. Select with Single, Double, and Triple Clicks and with the Shift and Control Keys
    21. The Move Tool
    22. Copy and Paste
    23. Stickiness
    24. Groups
    25. Customize the Desktop
    26. Make a Custom Template
    27. Manage Dialog Boxes
    28. Finding Help
    29. Summary
    30. Resources
  10. 3 Projects Using SketchUp Make’s Native Tools
    1. Icon Project
    2. Name Stand Project
    3. Chain-Link Bracelet Project
    4. Pet Collar Tag Project
    5. Coffee Mug Project
    6. Pencil Holder Project
    7. Travel Mug
    8. Summary
  11. 4 Projects Using SketchUp Pro and Extensions
    1. Components
    2. What’s an Extension?
    3. The Extension Warehouse
    4. Download the Extensions
    5. Where to Find the Extension Tools
    6. How to Use the Bezier Curves Tool
    7. Bench Project
    8. Fake Fingernail Project
    9. Thingiverse
    10. Solid Geometry
    11. Solid Tools
    12. Chocolate Mold Tray Project
    13. Architectural Terrain Model Project
    14. Pacman Ghost Ornament Project
    15. AutoCAD Floor Plan Project
    16. Layers
    17. Summary
    18. Resources
  12. 5 Making the Model 3D-Printable
    1. Design Considerations
    2. Structural Considerations
    3. Manually Inspect for Defects
    4. Tools for Making a Model Solid
    5. Solid Inspector2
    6. CleanUp3
    7. SU Solid
    8. Manual Repair Techniques
    9. Export the SketchUp Model as an .stl File
    10. 123D Meshmixer
    11. Tinkercad
    12. Fixing the Dog Tag in 123D Meshmixer
    13. Coloring a Model
    14. Face Orientation
    15. Purge the Model
    16. The 3D-Printer Facsimile Template
    17. Export the Colored Model
    18. Summary
    19. Resources
  13. 6 3D-Printing the Model
    1. Types of 3D Printing
    2. Filament
    3. Choosing a Home 3D Printer
    4. Printing and Slicing Software
    5. Firmware
    6. Print Detail and Quality
    7. Position on the Build Plate
    8. Adherence to the Build Plate
    9. Troubleshooting
    10. Odds and Ends
    11. Printing from an SD Card
    12. Printing with a Service Bureau
    13. Summary
    14. Resources
  14. 7 CNC Fabrication with Pro, 123D Make, and Cut2D
    1. What’s a Router?
    2. Computer-Aided Manufacturing Software
    3. The Process for CNCing with SketchUp
    4. Architectural Terrain Model Project
    5. Navigating the 123D Make Interface
    6. Choose the Manufacturing Settings and Object Size
    7. Construction Techniques
    8. The 123D Make Process Using Stacked Slices
    9. Other 123D Make Construction Techniques
    10. Exporting a .pdf File from SketchUp
    11. Name Plate Project
    12. Group and Arrange the Parts
    13. Print Preview
    14. Print the .pdf File
    15. Exporting a .dxf File
    16. G-Code
    17. Prepare the SketchUp-Exported .pdf Inside Vetric Cut2D
    18. The Right Tool for the Right Job
    19. SketchUp LayOut
    20. Summary
    21. Resources
  15. Index