Chapter 24. Working with the Schematic View


  • Working with the Schematic View window

  • Working with hierarchies

  • Setting Schematic View preferences

  • Using List Views

A valuable tool for selecting, linking, and organizing scene objects is the Schematic View window. This window offers a 1,000-foot view of the objects in your scene. From this whole scene perspective, you can find the exact item you seek.

The Schematic View window shows all objects as simple nodes and uses arrows to show relationships between objects. This structure makes the Schematic View window the easiest place to establish links and to wire parameters. You can also use this view to quickly see all the instances of an object.

Using the Schematic View Window

A great way to organize and select objects is by using the Schematic View window. Every object in the Schematic View is displayed as a labeled rectangular box. These boxes, or nodes, are connected to show the relationships among them. You can rearrange them and save the customized views for later access.

Using the Schematic View Window

The Graph Editors menu options

The Schematic View menu options enable you to manage several different views. The Graph Editors

The Graph Editors menu options

Every time the Graph Editors

The Graph Editors menu options


You ...

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