Using the Motion Mixer


Learning the Motion Mixer interface

Working with bipeds

The Motion Mixer lets you add several different animations to the interface, comprising both biped and non-biped objects. The animations then can be blended and transitioned between the loaded animation clips. You also can modify clips as needed.

Now that you've learned how to animate characters using a variety of techniques from Biped's Footstep and Freeform Modes to custom bone systems with IK solutions, it's time for you to explore Max's set of features that enable you to reuse animation clips between characters. This technique is called Retargeting, and it involves scaling the animation keys so a single character animation can be reused on other characters that are different in size and width.

Using the Motion Mixer

The Motion Mixer is a completely separate interface, shown in Figure 1. This interface is accessed using the Graph Editors image Motion Mixer menu command. The same interface also is opened using the Mixer button found in the Biped Apps rollout of the Motion panel when a biped is selected. If the Mixer button is used, then the Motion Mixer opens with the biped already added as a track to the mixer interface.

FIGURE 1 The Motion Mixer interface shows each loaded animation on a separate track.

Learning the Motion Mixer interface

Along the top edge of the Motion ...

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