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3ds Max Modeling: Bots, Mechs, and Droids

Book Description

3ds Max Modeling: Bots, Mechs, and Droids offers an unparalleled, project-based learning strategy for anyone who is interested in modeling with 3ds Max. From the very first pages, readers will discover how to use the Max toolset to create sophisticated models, including a spider bot, hunter-killer, battle mech, and android. Learn how to use the 3ds Max toolset without relying on third-party models. Watch the progression of the models through hundreds of screen captures, also available in full color on the companion DVD. Take advantage of the book’s learn-as-you-go approach to creating a variety of intricate robotic models with 3ds Max. Companion DVD includes full color, expanded chapter demonstrating how to model an android, ten hours of video tutorials including a 17-part tutorial from 3-d Palace on modeling a sentinel bot from the movie The Matrix, and full-color versions of the images in the book.

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. Preface
    1. Who Should Buy This Book?
    2. What Can You Expect?
    3. Who Should Not Buy This Book?
      1. Books:
      2. DVD Training:
    4. Using This Book
    5. What’s on the DVD?
  3. What ’s Different in 3ds Max 2008?
    1. Preview of SubObject Selection
    2. Press/Release Shortcut
    3. Chamfer Edge Segments
    4. SubObject Normal Constraint
    5. Working Pivot
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Introduction to Max
    1. Primitives and Extended Primitives
      1. Standard Primitives
      2. Editable Polygons
    2. Day 1: Building a Simple Bot
    3. Day 2: Finishing the Bot
  6. Chapter 1 Spider Bot
    1. Day 1: Building the Body
    2. Day 2: Building the Legs
    3. Day 3: Detailing the Body
    4. Day 4: Wiring the Eyes
    5. Day 5: Refining the Middle Leg and Adding the Hydraulic Pump
    6. Day 6: Creating the Claw and Connecting the Hydraulics to the Legs
    7. Day 7: Creating the Remaining Legs
    8. Why Doesn’t My Model Look Real?
  7. Chapter 2 Hunter-Killer
    1. Day 1: Building the Eye-Pod
    2. Day 2: Building the Engine Nacelles I
    3. Day 3: Building the Engine Nacelles II
    4. Day 4: Building the Engine Nacelles III — Pipes
    5. Day 5: Detailing the Nacelle
    6. Day 6: Building the Rotors
    7. Day 7: Building the Wing
    8. Day 8: Detailing the Wing
    9. Day 9: Making the Auto-Cannon Turret Assembly
    10. Day 10: Building the Auto-Cannon
    11. Day 11: Detailing the Auto-Cannon
    12. Day 12: Making the Missile Pods
    13. Day 13: Building the Body
    14. Day 14: Building the Boom Assemblies
    15. Day 15: Building the Hydraulics
    16. Day 16: Final Detailing
  8. Chapter 3 The Battle Mech
    1. Day 1: Building the Toe
    2. Day 2: Building the Toe Hydraulics
    3. Day 3: Completing the Toe Armor and Hydraulics
    4. Day 4: Completing the Foot
    5. Day 5: Assembling the Foot Controllers
    6. Day 6: Assembling the Middle Leg
    7. Day 7: Assembling the Upper Leg
    8. Day 8: Creating the Second Leg, Hips, and Base
    9. Day 9: Detailing the Rear Base and Adding the Turret and Upper Body
    10. Day 10: Detailing the Upper Body
  9. Chapter 4 Maxi the Android
    1. Day 1: Maxi’s Head
    2. Day 2: Refining Maxi’s Face
    3. Day 3: Further Refining Maxi’s Face
    4. Day 4: Maxi’s Chest
    5. Day 5: Maxi’s Rear
    6. Day 6: Maxi’s Legs and Feet
    7. Day 7: Maxi’s Arms and Hands
    8. Day 8: Finishing the Torso
  10. Index
  11. About the Companion DVD
  12. DVD/Source Code Usage License Agreement