Chapter 4Maxi the Android

I, Robot, A.I., The Terminator, Bicentennial Man, Blade Runner, and the list goes on. Androids are a staple of science fiction books and films and have been since the origin of the term “Robot” in 1920, in Karel Capek’s play Rossum’s Universal Robots.

In this chapter, you will model a female android. But you better get a snack and get comfortable. This chapter was so big and detailed that it didn’t fit into the book and had to be put on the DVD instead. And … rumor has it, drove an entire editorial team into rehab, but that’s just a cruel and unsubstantiated rumor. ;p Nevertheless, at over 300 pages, this chapter is the size of most books, with twice the amount of learning of those “other” brands! When you’ve finished ...

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