Abbreviations and Acronyms

3GPP    Third Generation Partnership Project

3GPP2    Third Generation Partnership Project 2

ACIR    Adjacent Channel Interference Ratio

ACK    Acknowledgement (in ARQ protocols)

ACLR    Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio

ACS    Adjacent Channel Selectivity

AM    Acknowledged Mode (RLC configuration)

AMC    Adaptive Modulation and Coding

A-MPR    Additional Maximum Power Reduction

AMPS    Advanced Mobile Phone System

AQPSK    Adaptive QPSK

ARI    Acknowledgement Resource Indicator

ARIB    Association of Radio Industries and Businesses

ARQ    Automatic Repeat-reQuest

AS    Access Stratum

ATIS    Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions

AWGN    Additive White Gaussian Noise

BC    Band Category

BCCH    Broadcast ...

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