Chapter 155 Percent More Perseverance

When times get tough, the tough give 5 Percent More. Some people at the top appear to be doing things at a pace that is beyond what the average person could even fathom. And they are. But they have compounded on their success. They didn't just get to the level they are at; they worked at it. Whoever you are and whatever your goals and desires are, you will always be challenged and resistance will always be there. Many times, you will fall short of your goals. You will suffer what I call temporary defeats. These are, essentially, lost battles during the war, but you never lose the war unless you surrender. Pushing through just a little bit more than others no matter what level you are at will increase your odds of success dramatically.

That's not typical BS that you read in a lot of other books out there by those self-declared success gurus, many of whom haven't actually ever done anything other than write books about being successful or hold webinars on how to sell their webinars. Quite honestly, most don't have a whole lot of real-world experience. You and I know what it's like to have to juggle life while trying to be successful, and it's not easy. Making ridiculous demands of yourself aimed at becoming a millionaire overnight or changing everything in your life by tomorrow morning won't work. Telling you how I made millions in eight months after sleeping on my sister's couch is not only unrealistic, it is deceptive.

A Little Boy Named ...

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