5 Practical React Projects

Book description

This book is a collection of in-depth tutorials, selected from SitePoint's React Hub, that will guide you through some fun and practical projects. Along the way, you'll pick up lots of useful development tips.

It contains:

  • How to Create a Reddit Clone Using React and Firebase by Nirmalya Ghosh
  • Build a CRUD App Using React, Redux and FeathersJS by Michael Wanyoike
  • How to Build a Todo App Using React, Redux, and Immutable.js by Dan Prince
  • Building a Game with Three.js, React and WebGL by Andrew Ray
  • Procedurally Generated Game Terrain with React, PHP, and WebSockets by Christopher Pitt

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Product information

  • Title: 5 Practical React Projects
  • Author(s): Andrew Ray, Nirmalya Ghosh, Christopher Pitt, Dan Prince, Michael Wanyoike
  • Release date: November 2017
  • Publisher(s): SitePoint
  • ISBN: 9780995382671